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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blue Willow Wedding

One of my favorite patterns of antique china is the Blue Willow. Commonly collected in the kitchens of shabby-chic cooks, these plates would be perfect for a blue and white themed wedding reception. The story behind this pattern is just as magical as its pretty designs. Chinese legend says a young daughter’s wealthy father had arranged an appropriate marriage for her to a prestigious Duke. But the young girl fell in love with her father’s clerk, who belonged to a lower social status, and the two eloped together. The Duke, being angered that his promised wife had refused his hand, chased after the two to seek revenge. After the Duke had sentenced the lovers to death, the gods had mercy on the two in love, and transformed them into a pair of doves so they might fly away together from danger. As a lover of stories and fairytales, I became hooked on this pattern of china once I knew the romantic fable behind it. I love the idea of using this china in your wedding reception and including cards on each plate with a summary of the lovely story behind the pattern, as well as perhaps a summary of your own lovely love story… :-)

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