Jessica Francis' portfolio of articles from summer internship with The Wedding Daily Times.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


If you haven’t seen the new movie Bridesmaids, it’s time. This hilarious film is guaranteed to leave your side aching and your mouth frozen into a permanent grin by the time you finish! Many are calling it the women’s version of the ever so popular The Hangover, but this humor is certainly not limited to women. I myself have lost count of the times I have been to see it in theatres (okay, 4), but each time I have seen or accompanied several young men who laughed just as hard harder than any women in the crowd. I can’t promise that you will leave this movie wanting to be anyone’s maid of honor anytime soon, but I can guarantee that you will make a mental list of not-to-do’s as a bridesmaid while you laugh harder than you have in a long time ever.

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