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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Delightful Delicacies

If you are planning your wedding yourself, and you delight in the little details (rather than tearing your hair out over them), you may love this sweet idea of collecting antique china to use at your reception. This is only for the bride whocan find thetime to search and toil through thrift shops, garage sales, and flea markets for good deals– it will take a dedicated search to find the diamonds in the rough, but the reward will be a truly vintage and girly touch to your wedding; not to mention the collection of china that will still be yours after your wedding day is over! What a sweet gift to leave to your little girls if you ever have any daughters. Our favorites are not the matching set of china, but the eclectic mix and match collection. Every guest will have their meal served on a uniquely beautiful piece. When is the last time you attended a wedding reception where the plates were a talking point for guests? I’d personally make these my staple, everyday dinnerware after using them for the wedding. Not only would you get the most of your money, but all your meals as newlyweds would feel that much more special! And make your kitchen that much more pretty. ;-)

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