Jessica Francis' portfolio of articles from summer internship with The Wedding Daily Times.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Filming Your Fairytale

Wedding videography is no longer your uncle’s shaky, 5th-row home-video of the ceremony with frequent background chatter and the occasional two minutes of staring at the ceiling. Hiring a professional videographer for your wedding is a way for you to have something like a movie trailer of your entire wedding day. Tasteful and professional, the films are typically set to contemporary music and effortlessly convey the personalities of bride and groom as well as the joy and love shared between them. Compatible with Facebook and other social media sites, choosing to include a wedding video in your budget will allow you to share your special day with everyone and to cherish memories for a lifetime! Check our directory for a listing of videographers in your area. Here are a few videos for you to enjoy…grab your tissues. ;-)

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