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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brides & Bagpipes

There’s something about the sound of bagpipes that light a fire inside my heart and make me ready to fight with pride for love and…life. Think Mel Gibson as William Wallace in Braveheart. ;-) I recently attended a wedding where the bride was escorted down the aisle by bagpipes. The ceremony took place in an extremely gorgeous chapel with organ pipes that looked as if they were about to reach the sky, and the entire ceremony was wonderfully traditional and elegant. After all of the bridal party had made their way to the front, the doors to the chapel closed abruptly as a bagpiper dressed in the traditional Scottish garb made his way down the aisle as he played traditional Celtic melody. And then, as the crowd stood, the doors opened once again and the beaming woman in white made her way down the aisle to her favorite hymn played on the bagpipes. It was truly a special moment to see my friend in all her glory, and the bagpipes sent chills all up my arms and tears to my eyes. For the bride who is looking for a truly royal entrance, I can guarantee that bagpipes will do the trick and create a storybook, magical walk down the aisle.

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