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Friday, July 29, 2011

Poonam + Chirag: A Real Indian Wedding

You haven’t seen extravagant until you’ve seen an Indian wedding. For Indians, the celebrations are typically very lavish and feature the joining of two families– not just the bride and groom. Many Indians living in the United States have dual ceremonies: one with their traditional Indian rituals, followed by a more modern Westernized ceremony. The traditional Hindu Indian ceremonies typically include an extravagant red gown for the bride; the bindi- a small red dot applied in the middle of the forehead that represents Hindu protection and virtues; mehndi- the decorative henna painted over the brides hands; and the presence a sacred fire that grooms repeat their vows over in order to ensure purity and seriousness. I love the extravagance and warm colors of the entire wedding process. The bride and groom truly look nothing short of royalty!


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