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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Choosing Your Photographer

I’ve always said that if there is anything that will cause me to break my wedding budget, it will be the photographer. These pictures are going to last forever– they’re the only thing from your wedding that is guaranteed to last as long as your marriage does! And with all the incredibly talented photographers on the market today, you have lots of options. It’s nice in theory to be able to pull off free wedding photography, whether it’s a friend or family member who has some experience behind a camera. But we recommend that you put some serious thought into choosing your photographer, even if it means finding ways to cut down the budget on your flowers, decor, etc. With as much social networking that goes on these days, we think it’s worth the cost to invest in photography you love and share your lovely day with the world, for years to come.
The style and design of your wedding can also be directly reflected in the photographer you choose. Most photographers maintain a similar “feel” in every shoot they do, depending on what their styling, editing, and processing styles tend to be. For example, some photographers use a lot of color editing that warm the hues of the photographs and look very vintage-chic. Others keep it crisp and clean, making all your colors look brighter than ever. The possibilities are endless! Any legit photographer living in this decade is going to have a website or blog that features their past works and weddings. Start stalking, girl, and find a list of your favorite! Most give details about their travel policies, price packages, and availability on their websites, but you also may want to contact them. And don’t feel as though you are pressed to find a photographer who lives in your city! Most photographers travel at least within the states surrounding their region, although many travel all over the country and even internationally. If you find one who does live in your area, you may want to decide to meet with them before your wedding day, maybe to do an engagement shoot, or at the least, to speak with them about the details and design of your vision for your wedding and for the photography. It’s good to have a foundation to work with before the busyness of the big day. Check out our directory of vendors to find some of our favorite photographers all over the country.

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