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Friday, July 29, 2011

To Booze Or Not To Booze?

Many brides question whether serving alcohol at their wedding is required, or inappropriate. Alcohol, along with every service you provide at your wedding, is strictly optional and up to your preference! Don’t get so worried about pleasing your guests that you forget this is your day to celebrate and rejoice. We’ve come up with a few guidelines for determining if you should break out the booze at your wedding…
1. Does it fit in your budget? Don’t underestimate the expenses that alcohol can add. Check outThe Alcohol Calculator to estimate how much money you might spend depending on your guest list size.
2. Would your guests be willing to pay for their own alcohol? Rather than adding alcohol into your budget, consider utilizing a cash bar that allows guests to choose (and pay for) the drinks of their choice.
3. Are you hoping to have a toast at your reception? Rather than allowing unlimited alcohol for your guests, you may want to limit each guest to one glass of champagne or sparkling wine if you are wanting to have a formal toast at the reception.
4. Are any of your close family & friends strongly opposed to alcohol? If alcohol’s mere presence is going to offend any of your guests for religious or other reasons, you may want to seriously consider keeping the peace and skipping out on it.
5. What kind of atmosphere do you want at your reception? We believe that with the right DJ and some funky friends, alcohol is completely unnecessary to boogie down and have a super fun night. If you and your groom are hoping for a reception that looks similar to your old fraternity functions together, then by all means, bring on the booze! But if you plan on remembering every minute of your wedding day, keep in mind that your guests may have a different mindset. If some of your guests don’t have responsible histories with alcohol, be weary and conservative in limiting their intake. A sober bride and groom with rowdy, slurring guests may not be the vision you had of your party!

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