Jessica Francis' portfolio of articles from summer internship with The Wedding Daily Times.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

Avoid keeping your guests waiting around if you decide to have your formal photography after the wedding ceremony– entertain them with a fun game! We think this idea is especially cute for backyard weddings and outside receptions. Get a cornhole tournament started, and your guests won’t notice your absence. Check here for rules and directions if you haven’t played before. You can even buy blank boards and have them painted to match the colors and theme of your wedding! Or set up a piñata and turn your guests loose! To make one yourself, blow up a balloon and cover it in newspaper strips soaked in water and glue (remember your paper mache days in elementary school?). Then glue on strips of fancy paper or pages from your favorite classic romance novel or poem. Once it has completely dried, pop the balloon and make a small hole to fill up your piñata with goodies. Fill it with the classic candy, love notes, lottery tickets, or even $1 bills, and have a ball! (or hit one….) ;-)


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