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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mat + Annie : A Real Musician's Wedding

Calling all of you Mat Kearney fans out there! If you haven’t heard of this Nashville singer-songwriter, you’re in for a treat. His new single, “Hey Mama” is so catchy and fun, sure to leave you smiling, and after hearing the story behind the song at a recent concert of his, I knew I had to search the internet for his wedding. The song tells the story of his first meeting with his beautiful wife Annie in the Nashville Anthropologie store: “Met her at Athropologie/Her purple boots and her golden dreams/Standin’ there like a Tennessee queen/Singin’ ‘Don’t look at me, Don’t look at me.’” I love this song and this beautiful couple, and I adore their wedding that took place in Franklin, Tennessee, my hometown! I could have guessed that Annie had great fashion sense (Mat did meet her at Anthro, after all!) and boy does her wedding show it! Love the vintage bridal party and Annie’s gorgeous big necklace is to die for. I am sure you will love Mat and Annie’s wedding as much as you love his music! 

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